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Hi, my name is Mark and this is me in the photo.

First of all I’d like to thank you for coming to my site and to offer you a warm welcome.

Please feel free to take a good look around, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

What a place to live!

Since early 2013, I’ve lived in the beautiful county of Cornwall in the far south west of England.

Cornwall is a place of myths and legends, shipwrecks and ghost stories, smugglers and pirates….

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, sweeping moors, terrifying cliffs, beautiful fishing villages, coves and fantastic beaches. What a place to live!

Brief Bio:

Having worked since leaving school in 1974, I now find myself looking for something worthwhile to do that can earn me a decent income and allow me to help others at the same time.

During my working life I’ve been involved in sales, real estate, financial and legal work.

I’ve been both employed and self employed.

But the one thing I haven’t been involved in was getting a proper pension sorted out for myself!

The state pension here in the UK is pretty derisory and I’ve still got a few years yet (at aged 62 it’s another 4 years) before I can even access that. Not much to look forward to on that front then!

I’m from the Baby Boomer generation and whilst some have had it very good over the years, millions of Boomers across the developed world haven’t.

Online History:

I’ve hung about online for a few years now just looking to see what might be available without ever really being inspired by anything I saw.

If you’ve done anything like that you will know what I mean. It’s an ocean infested with sharks and if you don’t know what you are doing, you will get bitten.

I’ve picked up a couple of basic skills but nothing advanced and certainly nothing like somebody who might have worked in IT or like younger people who will have learnt a lot in school and for who the internet is second nature.

However, during my online perusals, it became absolutely clear to me that plenty of people can and do make a living online so I thought, why can’t I?

Hard work and rewards:

There is a secret, though, that a lot of people online might not tell you and it’s this…….
there is NO SECRET.

Instead, there’s plenty of work and many hours needed to get you to the point where you can start making a really good living whilst enjoying the benefits of the online lifestyle.

It can come pretty quickly for some people. Others may take longer depending on loads of factors….time available, commitment, the correct online tools, training, having a mentor etc. etc.

Like everything else in life, it is simple when you know how…..but it’s not easy.

Talking of simple, please take a look at how I’ve decided to make this site look, on the next page.

Thanks for taking the time to see who I am. If I can be of help to you please drop me a comment below and I’ll reply as soon as I can. If you’d like to see what I’m up to right now, take a look at my online profile here.

With best wishes and good luck with your online adventures.


Founder of Extra Income For Life.

31 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hey Mark
    You have offered a unique look into Safely Earning Online that I too found rather important in my life, with NO Pension to fall back on.
    Things have and are changing rapidly in the states as well with regard to retirement, medical benefits and talk of social security changes also.
    I personally decided to Depend on Myself to set up several revenue streams online, because “I Ain’t Got Nobody that I Can Depend On” to steal a line from Santana.
    Thanks again for your insight, my best,

  2. Hey Mark
    You have offered a unique look into Safely Earning Online that I too found rather important in my life, with NO Pension to fall back on.

    Things have and are changing rapidly in the states as well with regard to retirement, medical benefits and talk of social security changes also.

    I personally decided to Depend on Myself to set up several revenue streams online, because “I Ain’t Got Nobody that I Can Depend On” to steal a line from Santana.

    Thanks again for your insight, my best,

    • Hello Gary and thanks for coming by my site.

      I’m so pleased you are seeing that Wealthy Affiliate is a safe haven for your online efforts because like you say, nobody’s gonna do it for you!

      I think the whole of the developed, and developing, world is still suffering from the fianancial meltdown of ’08 with more to come by the seem of it so it behoves us all to take control of our own financial circumstances. With everything you get here, WA is the very best place to get started in doing that.

      Good luck with all of your online exploits Gary, if I can be any help to you just let me know.


  3. Hi Mark,

    I can really relate to what you were saying about the Internet being full of sharks lol. The guru’s are selling people a dream of push button riches and that is something no one will ever achieve, short of winning the lottery.

    I clicked on your ‘subliminal’ link and it’s nice to see you are directing people to a reputable platform, one in which I myself and getting great benefit in being part of. Thanks for sharing your story with us!

    • Hello Tim

      Glad to see you are already in with the nice fish and not the sharks!!

      Yep, the next shiny new object will earn you a fortune, buy this to make your dreams come true…yada yada yada.

      I have to admit, I succumbed to that stuff more than once but no more. Wealthy Affiliate is my mentor, my trainer and my support system, all for less than a dollar a day! There’s simply nothing more to say!

      Cheers Tim, thanks for dropping by.


  4. Hi Mark,

    It’s nice to meet you. I find your site very informative and helpful. I took the liberty to read other posts on your site and find it very interesting. I will be bookmarking your site to refer back to for future cases. I wish you the best in your future endeavors in online marketing.

    Happy Blogging

    • Hello Stephen, nice to meet you too!

      Thanks for dropping by and I’m glad you like the site, bookmark by all means and pop back any time-you’ll be very welcome.


  5. Hi Mark,

    Congratulations on your ‘Me’ page. Simple and uncomplicated – even if life is a bit more so. I like your Jack Russell (I am in to German Shepherds).

    Although I live in Australia I know your part of the world reasonably well – lived in Plymouth for nearly 4 years in the 1960’s. So I concur it is a great part of the UK.

    You have picked up on things that I have been trying to explain too. The fact that the promises of a pension and support from your friendly government are rapidly becoming things of the past. To quote one politician – ‘The age of entitlement is over.’

    So there is a need to be able to generate an alternative source of income and basically avoid the idea of stopping work – just change what you do to something better for yourself. Wealthy Affiliate gives you the tools after that it is up to you.

    Can I encourage you to take a look at the book Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive. It is available on Amazon so have a look for yourself and see what you think.

    Thanks again for your page. I feel I know you well 🙂

    • Hi there Ian, great to meet you and thanks for your thoughtful comments here, Ruby says hello too!

      One of the things you won’t recognise from the 60’s here is the road infrastructure…whilst Brunel’s bridge is still running trains and traffic from Plymouth over the River Tamar into Cornwall at Saltash, there is now a motorway/dual carriageway through the centre of Cornwall instead of having to negotiate your way through all the tiny villages along the route.

      In fact, depending on how long it is since you were here, the M5 runs all the way from Birmingham, down past Bristol and to Exeter with a dual carriageway continuing to Plymouth. What would have been a tortuous journey back then can be done in a few hours now…nonstop!

      Anyway, enough geography….hahaha……yes, Wealthy Affiliate offers an excellent route out of penury for whoever’s feeling the need for an extra income.

      That sounds like an excellent book as well, I might check it out!

      I can’t see myself retiring in the normal sense, living in Cornwall has a feeling of being on holiday most of the time anyway.

      Thanks again Ian, glad you dropped by.

  6. Hi Mark, your site is really informative and you are right about there been a lot of sharks online. The amount of scams i see people getting into is bad. I fell for one last year, which was just a ponzi scheme, and nearly cost me £2000!
    Now ive found this site, and another thing i do, profit accumulator, i dont bother with these things. The only way to make money online is selling real products, either yourself or like an affiliate.
    Anyway keep up the good work, i know im pleased with my site so far but got so much more to learn!

    • Hi there Wayne

      You’re absolutely right about the number of scams that infest the online world, that so many people get caught by them and end up losing their money. I used to look high and low for a solid, sensible solution to that problem but now I’ve found WA that’s all over……no more looking!

      Thanks for visiting my site, drop by again any time.


  7. Hi Mark, I admire the way you introduced yourself. It’s very engaging and full of remarkable lessons. Indeed there is no secret, it depends on the personal mindset of every person. We just have to do what we need to do, in spite of the hardships. Great site! More Power to you!

  8. Good introduction Mark! It seems you have some good experience both in computer science and internet marketing. I like your realistic and honest approach. It’s true that there is no any secret to making money online. It’s all about joining the right program, quality training, the right tools, commitment and hard work. Any success requires commitment and hard work but unfortunately people desperate to earn a quick buck don’t realize it and that’s why fall for multiple scams. I believe you will save many of them and show them the right direction since you know all the truth about making money online.

    • Hi Rufat

      Thanks for coming by the site and leaving your kind comments.

      You’re right about there being no secret to success, it’s just like any other business in that it needs hard work and commitment to bring rewards. Once you find the right programme, Wealthy Affiliate, the rest is down to the determination of the individual to do what’s required and that comes from within.

      Thanks again Rufat, drop by any time.


  9. What a great place to live. I like you site also. Thanks for massaging me to take a look.
    Sounds like you got all this figured out. Nice Job!!
    Good luck on your journey.

    • Thanks Misti, very kind of you to say so.
      Yes Cornwall is beautiful and my site is coming on although some might say it’s lacking imagery, we’ll see!
      Good luck to you also with your site and getting it all together.
      Thanks for coming by, you’re welcome any time.

  10. Hi Mark, nice to meet you and Ruby is beautiful! It first came to me that I starting to felt financial freedom is very important, as I slowly found out that I’m in deep stress with my debts which I’m bearing right now, seeking for an alternative way to payoff them as soon as possible.
    I used to teach guitar as a part time job, it was very enjoyable at first, but from time to time when I started to teach almost everyday and feeling real tired, the payment is just too low and I can’t effort to put my time with this, that’s when I started to look for online business! Well, see you around and wish us both success!

    • Hello Bernard,

      Thanks for your kind comments, Ruby is flattered too!

      Plenty of people are suffering through money issues without any real idea of how to address them and how to start to work towards a financially independent future.

      If someone’s unemployed, can they get a job quick enough and at a big enough salary to solve their problems?

      If they’re already working, can they get a better paid job or do enough more hours to help themselves out and if so there’s only so many hours in the day?

      So how does somebody start to make a real difference to their situation without impacting on their current circumstances?

      The answer has to be to build an online business you can start in your spare time for either no or very little money and scale up over time.

      This can be the best solution to people’s financial problems as income from the business is not limited to how many hours you can put in.

      Good luck in building your online business Bernard and thanks for coming by my site.


  11. Hi Mark,
    You’re actually very right and very smart. By the way, love your dog..I have a sign in my laundry room that states “God so love mankind he gave them dogs!” The only way to really make it in today’s world is owning your own business. I have owned 3 businesses in my lifetime, and each one has taught me why I failed and how to succeed. Your idea of wealthy affiliate is probably one of the best ideas since there are over 1.7 billion Internet users who are looking for a product, service, or information. The training looks complete, the price is not bad… about the price of a meal at a restaurant once a month. I will definitely look into it.. Take care of that wonderful dog. My border Collie’s Molly, Sheridan, and Beauregard all say hi to him!

    • Hi there Mac, great to meet you and the pups…..Ruby says hello in return but she’s a little girl..hahaha

      Thanks for coming by the site. I tried to keep it simple, straight forward and informative and hopefully it’s come across like that because I want people to see that creating something that they’ve never done before needn’t be beyond them and with so many more people coming online, and a fair few among them older people as well, it seemed like a good idea. Time will tell, as they say.

      For anybody who’s interested in finding out a whole lot more about Wealthy Affiliate without committing themselves in any way, there’s always the option of becoming a FREE member so that’s worth considering.

      For anybody considering becoming a Premium Member after that, as you say, the price is low and the value is outstanding.

      Thanks for dropping by Mac, you’e welcome any time.


  12. Hey Mark, I love your pic with little Ruby! Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself – interesting life you’ve had! I’ve also been doing a bit of research into making an online income. There are so many people who have made this work for themselves, that surely we can too!! Great to see that you are taking matters into your own hands. Wishing you all the success in the world.

    • Hello Jolie, thanks for taking a look at my site and for your kind words about Ruby. She is lovely but can be a bit of a tinker when she wants to be!

      You’re right about being able to make a go of earning money online and with the right training and support behind you, which you definitely get with Wealthy Affiliate, there’s no reason why we can’t also.

      Thanks again Jolie and good luck for your own success too.


  13. Hi Mark,
    It seems we have many parallels in our life even though we live on opposite sides of the world.
    I also have been employed, self employed and have done a variety of different things in my life but, as you stated, I have also not been able to provide well for my retirement that is a few years off yet so, I decided to try and secure a better future in the online world.
    Good luck to you

    • Hey there Forrest

      I’ll bet there are millions more like us all around the globe.

      The way the economy fell off a cliff over the last 7 years or so has meant that there must be a huge need out there for people similar to ourselves to try and find a better way.

      I know I have found it and I’m hoping you’ll be making your way in a similar fashion, after all, when you can make a living online, you can make your own choices in life without being beholden to anybody else…what’s not to love?

      Thanks Forrest and good luck in your own efforts too.


  14. Thanks Liz,
    Cornwall is very much a place of fairy tales and myths and legends etc.
    Also has some wonderful beaches and little fishing villages so all in all a great place to live, although it could do with being a bit warmer.
    I appreciate your comment about the information on here and I’m glad you like the picture with Ruby…she can be a little tinker when she wants to be!
    Thanks again

  15. It sounds like you are living in a fairy tale place! Love your picture with Ruby, I too am looking for extra income, and would like to work from home. You have some great information on haw to do that. Thanks!

  16. Thanks Johann, I really appreciate your comments here.
    I have tried to make it about my own personal journey, what happened before finding WA and my own current experience within the WA family.

  17. Nice site. Very informative and personal.
    I know you will enjoy this segment of the ‘journey.’

    You are off to a great start. I pray you Joy, Confidence, and Great Fortune. J

  18. Hi Mark! I agree with you 100% that there is no secret to success with affiliate marketing. I’ve been making money online for several years now and I just do the work. It just simply takes time and effort. Taking daily action will give anyone results. Success is there for anyone who wants it. 🙂 ~Wendy
    PS. Ruby is a cutie!

    • Hi Wendy, great to hear from you. Yes, I agree, time and effort is the key….plus of course all the fantastic resources we have at our disposal. And yes, Ruby is a cutie!! She’s also a typical JRT, loud and territorial….thanks again.


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