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Simple and straightforward:

As you look through this site, you may notice how simple and straight forward it is.

I’ve created it that way so that anybody looking through it can see that they don’t have to create a complex site in order to deliver valuable information to anyone who visits it.

Thousands of Sites:

Over the years, I’ve visited thousands of sites.

Many were basic in their design and sadly lacking in any worthwhile content.

Others were visually stunning and seemed like they had been built by professional web designers that must have cost a fortune to put together.

A lot of these had great content but when I looked at them I just thought “there’s no way I can do that”.

So I ended up feeling that it was pointless going any further knowing I would only end up annoyed and frustrated.

I wanted to be able to create a site that was really simple to build and easy to read through.

That it contained good quality content that was beneficial to as many people as possible.

No Way an Expert:

Although I had surfed the net for a few years and built up a couple of useful skills, in no way could I describe myself as even being competent when it came to building a site never mind an expert.

Even so, I was able to put this site together with ease and I want to show everybody who sees it that they can do exactly the same as me by using the same tools as I use.

Check this one out here.

Who’s it For?

This site is aimed at everybody who wants to make themselves an extra income, not just people who might already have site building skills, but absolutely any and everybody.

That’s why the site is clean, simple and straight forward…not incredibly detailed and complex.

Clear Information:

I think the information on here is delivered in a clear way that anybody can easily read and understand.

Hopefully you do too!

If I have been able to do that, then I will have achieved what I set out to do.

And so can you, even if you have never even tried to build a site before in your life.


There is a saying, Keep It Simple, Stupid.

That’s what I’ve done and it’s absolutely what you can do as well.

Where are you today and what are your financial plans for the future?

So, do you know where you are in your life?

Do you know what your plan is for next week, next month or year or even the next 4 or 5 years like me?

It might be a long way away but have you made any plans for your retirement?

About you:

Ok, you’ve read about me and where I am today.

However this site is really all about you and the following pages are best read in sequence.

So let the links take you to have a look at where you might be on the next page………….let’s go shall we?

Thanks for taking the time to read this page.

If I can be of help to you please feel free to drop me a comment below and I’ll reply as soon as I can.


Founder of Extra Income For Life

13 thoughts on “This Site”

  1. I appreciate the simplicity of this post and the honesty included. It is so easy to get caught up in all the bells and whistle and at the end of the day neglect value. You have definitely added more value to the world of this internet by simply creating a post with an honest approach. One can take or create a simple site, fill it with awesome valuable content, and grow an online business.

  2. You nicely placed this information. I like that you kept it very simple and to the point. Nobody has time for congested mixed up extra income sites. I enjoyed the KISS reference. It seems like you have really gone through the rigmarole before like many of us out here. We all know thats one of the most irritating things, getting your hopes up for a financial improvement, when it was really just a way to separate you from your cash. Enjoyed your page.

    • Thanks for popping in Bea

      Like a lot of people, I have certainly been through the mill previously in the hope of improving my situation without any results but I wanted to keep this simple so that the content is at the forefront for those who wanted clear information. Hope I managed to achieve that.

      I appreciate our kind comments Bea, please feel free to drop by any time.


  3. The truth is, a website does not need to be complicated or flashy. The thing to remember is that visitors aren’t looking to be impressed with your fancy web design skills. They just want get the information they were looking for, presented in a pleasant and readable way. WordPress has really be a game-changer for internet marketing because it enables anyone to have a great website.

    What’s your favorite thing about WordPress?

    • Hey Marcus, thanks for dropping by.

      You won’t be surprised to hear that I agree with you and that’s the reason I made the site so straight forward, precisely so that people who are new to the industry can see first hand that they don’t have to be able build a complicate site in order to get their own message across.

      With wordpress, I have to admit that I used to struggle, but when I used the brilliant training available with Wealthy Affiliate it all came really easily and what I like now is that I can go into my editor and change little things around, create links, highlight a bit of text here and there and it only takes a few minutes.

      Thanks again Marcus, you’re welcome to drop by any time.


  4. Hey mark, firstly l would like to say like the website design, its simple yet its very presentable. Your content is well categorized so making it easy to read to the public.

    You have a catchy website title which is appealing t the public since its what they are looking for. Good introduction which makes the reader want to read more which is the core purpose for our work

    • Thanks for your comments Hamilton

      I tried to construct the site in a way that leads the viewer from one page to the next so the “story” kind of flows, so if I did that then I’m happy.

      Glad to see you say that it makes the reader want to view more as they go along because that way they should have the whole picture behind what I’m trying to achieve…getting them to take a look at how they have an option to improve their lives and get out of the rat race with Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks again Hamilton, don’t forget to drop by again soon.

      Best wishes


  5. Hello Mark,
    I agree with you. Simplicity is the answer.
    When I started to build websites I always thought when I saw some good looking site that I need to have one like this.

    When I get little more experience with websites I realized that many of that good looking sites are very complicated to navigate, hard to read in other words they’re not user friendly.

    Sometimes it can be good to test how simple is your site just by asking some no techie from family to look at them, but don’t tell him that site is yours.
    What do you think about this method?



    • Hi Dean

      That sounds like a good idea, get an honest answer from somebody you know without making them think they have to praise it.

      I wanted to show that you don’t have to create a complex site to be able to give people information that they can readily absorb so this is what I decided to do.

      I know that the idea of making a site heavy on text and light on imagery might not be to everyone’s taste but it’s something I wanted to test out and see the results. It may be that I’ll start to include some more imagery as time goes on depending on the results but time will tell.

      Thanks for your thoughts Dean and for visiting my site.



  6. Hello Deborah, so nice of you to say so.
    I’m hoping that simplicity and decent quality information will be the driver of the site.
    It sometimes takes me a while to put content together but I’ll be back soon, hope to hear from you again when I have.
    Thanks again

  7. Hello Edemekaye and thank you for your kind comment.
    I’m glad you feel the same as I do, too many people think they can’t get involved in this industry because they think they have to have a complex site in order to make themselves look like an expert so they can attract followers.
    I’m not against people having wonderful sites, in fact I’m quite envious of their skills, but I’m sure new people looking to come into this industry could be put off before they even give it a go. That has to be wrong!
    Thanks again Edemekaye

  8. HI, Mark, this is wonderful, your article is educating, i love it. This is what most internet users of today needs as more people are coming into it with little or no experience. Simplicity is the answer, would like to make site simple as well. Thanks, all the best.


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