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Anybody who is looking to build a site or create some page content or a blog post on their site must do some Keyword/Phrase research first.

Why….well because if you know what people are naturally searching for within the search engines then you’ll know how to “speak” to them when it comes to writing your page or post content.

When you know this, you can write your post so effectively that it will naturally appear on page 1 of the search engine results and very often in the number 1 spot, the holy grail of ranking positions, which will give you the most traffic to your content.

If you don’t do any keyword research you are almost certainly doomed to failure so please don’t get caught out.


By the way, a little glossary before we go any further:

  • A Keyword is simply a word that somebody writes into their search engine’s search box to find what they are looking for online.
  • A Keyword Phrase is the same thing but with more than one word to it, maybe two or three.
  • A Long Tail Keyword is the same thing again but with several words to it and usually denotes that the searcher is looking for something very specific.
  • Page content is what you write on a Page in your site, a page is usually static in that it doesn’t move after being written and published. Here is one of my Pages.
  • A Post is what you write and gets published on your Blog. Your blog is a “roll” of Posts with the latest one written (by date) usually shown first, with Posts written earlier coming further down the “roll”. What you are reading now is a Post because it has been published to my blog.                     Here is another blog Post of mine.
  • Traffic is just the word for each visitor that comes to your site or page, the people who actually look at your site.
  • Content is what is published on your site/page/blog…it can be text, images, video or any other medium that appears to the reader.


Free Keywords Tool

To start the process of finding your own Keywords or Phrases, simply perform a FREE search in the tool below.


What To Look Out For

There are 4 points to look out for when determining what constitutes a “quality” Keyword or Key Phrase:

  1. Number of monthly searches…….you need to find out if your keyword is actually getting any searches. It would be no good if your site, page or post was getting no visitors because nobody was searching for your content. Even just a low number of searches per month is worth writing content for because at least you wouldn’t have much competition to get a first page ranking in the search engines.
  2. Keyword Quality Index…….this gives you an instant determination of the quality of your keyword so you can perform searches efficiently.
  3. Quoted Search Results…..this gives you an instant number of competing pages there are online in the search engines with the same keyword or phrase you are searching for. When you know this number, you can gauge the probability of quickly getting your site to number 1 in the results.
  4. Search Engine Optimisation Power…..taking all of the other points into account, this determines whether or not your keyword or phrase has the necessary SEO ranking ability. In other words, how likely it is to get your site/page/post ranked highly in the search engines’ results. If you can rank well for SEO, you can make money online……no question.


Site Ranking Feature

Jaaxy also incorporates a Site Ranking feature which can show you where your site ranks in google for any keywords you have within your website.

Simply enter the keyword or phrase into a search box, then enter your site domain URL into another, click on search and Jaaxy tells you where your site is ranked in google…..which page number and which ranking position overall.

This gives you valuable information at your fingertips because Jaaxy also remembers your previous search for this keyword/URL combination and tells you if your site has moved up or down in the rankings, meaning you can tell at a glance if your post or page is performing as well as it should be in SEO terms at any given time.

This powerful tool can also be used to see how your competitors rank for their keywords and URL giving you more valuable information you can use to improve your own site and rankings.

 Website Research and Analysis

You can also research and analyse competing websites that rank above or around yours to see exactly what they are doing in order to gain their rankings ie number of links and back links to each site, word count, keyword density and other metrics that determine the site’s rank positioning.

All this powerful information is vital to know so that you can compare your site to the others and see exactly what you need to do in order to outrank them.


If you want to find extra ideas for keywords, Jaaxi has a Brainstorming feature that takes feeds from various news and social media sites and tells you what the hot trending topics are on the net at that time.

Take a selection of these topics, feed them into the search tool and Jaaxi generates lists of keywords that you can create content for about these hot, trending topics. This gives you fantastic potential to be ranked for topics that are hot and trending right there and then.

In Conclusion……

The Jaaxy Keyword Tool provides all of these benefits so that you can perform your critical searches with confidence, create high ranking content and get it to the top spots in the search engines. This vastly enhances your natural, organic, free traffic and therefore maximises your income potential.


Thanks for reading through this post, why not have a go at searching for keywords and phrases for yourself by filling in the search box above and then please let me know what you think by leaving me a comment below.

I’ll get a quick notification about it and reply as soon as I can.


Founder of Extra Income For Life.



6 thoughts on “Free Keywords Tool”

  1. Hey Mark,

    I’ve been a long time user of Jaaxy and I can tell you first hand it’s my secret weapon when it comes to finding low competition keywords with good search volume.

    What I like about it is it cuts through all the useless bloated information other keyword tools provide. All I care about is how much competition do I have (the lower the better) and how much search the keyword(s) have each month.

    Knowing that I can dominate the search engines.

    Great post with lots of good info, keep it coming.


    • Hi Leo

      Thanks for coming by my site and leaving your comments about this excellent tool.
      Jaaxy does exactly what it is intended to so there’s no better recommend than that.
      Thanks again Leo, you’re welcome to drop by any time.


  2. Hi Mark:

    I am always looking for new ways to research keywords for my website and online business. It can be a very tedious process, but your review of Jaaxy sounds like a great possible way to increase my SEO and get higher rankings. Thank you for writing a very informative review. Do you know of any testimonials on Jaaxy? How much success have people had with Jaaxy?

    I am bookmarking this site for further reference. Very good resources.


    • Hello Stephanie,

      Thanks for visiting the site and for your kind comments.
      With regards to Jaaxy testimonials and successes you might be interested in these links:

      Hope these help you, please drop by again.

      • Hi Mark:

        Thank you for the resources on Jaaxy. I enjoyed reading them. Your site has had some nice changes and updates since I was last here. Nice job.

        What I especially like is how you have organized the reasons for wanting and needing to make a change to our lives and financial situations into separate articles all leading to Wealthy Affiliate which I have to say is not only an open education project, but also has an amazingly supportive community and when building a new online business you need the support and help, and provides training resources that are constantly being added. You receive training not just from the owners like you do in many other affiliate marketing platforms, but also from veteran members, so you are exposed to different styles of teaching because not everyone learns the same way.

        I love the simplicity of ease of your website. Great job you and Ruby have done.


        • Hi there Stephanie and thanks for dropping by again.
          I’m glad you like the current look of my site, me and Roobs have been putting in a few hours to get it looking ship shape so I’ll have to make sure she gets lots of treats and walks along the beaches nearby!!
          You’re totally correct about Wealthy Affiliate members getting training not only from the owner/founders Kyle and Carson, but from the expert members as well….this is all supplementary to the site training but all fully inclusive of the membership fees, incredible value when you think about it.
          I, for one, wouldn’t even consider leaving and seeking training and support elsewhere because it doesn’t exist!
          Wealthy Affiliate is where it’s at.
          Thanks again Stephanie, take care..


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