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So you are intrigued then?

Good, because on this page you will find out how you can learn to start your own business, earn that extra income and where you can find out how to do so.

But first I’d like to give you a few reasons why many people all over the world use this method and just why it can be the very best way for you to start earning the extra income you are looking for.

A few good reasons – start a business online with no money:

  1. You can start and run this business from anywhere in the world that has internet capability. That means from your home, office, coffee shop or your holiday destination. In fact from wherever you are in the whole world as long as you can get online.
  2. Also, you can start by using the devices you probably already have, a desktop or a laptop. Then you can maintain and update the business on a tablet or even just your smartphone….so, so simple!
  3. No money whatsoever (or even just getting your card out) is required to start this business…….guaranteed!
  4. There are around 7 billion people on this earth and around 4.4 billion of them have access to the internet. Hold that thought for a moment, that’s four thousand, four hundred million people! Can you get an audience that huge and with so much potential with a franchise or a corner shop? You can try and get the busiest spot on Times Square or Oxford Street for your shop and you would certainly get a lot of people passing by but…..
  • you probably wouldn’t get it….
  • and you definitely couldn’t afford it!

Internet Lifestyle…the benefits!

When established, you can begin to live what is often called the internet lifestyle.

Now that might sound a bit glib but you can call it what you want when you consider some the benefits it brings….how about:

No boss, no commute, no clocking in or out, no asking for holidays and getting turned down. No being told when to take time off, no Sunday night feeling, no Monday feeling, every day has that weekend vibe. No missing the kids’ school play/parents’ evening/sports’ day. You can work part time for full time money, etc., etc….

These are just the basic things you will be able to do if all you ever did was just replace your current salary or income with your new business.

Think of all the other things you could do with your life if you continued building the business and made even more extra income.

It’s entirely feasible and many, many people all over the world are doing just that.

There is no reason, no reason at all, why you can’t emulate them…..and it doesn’t matter if you’re only 18 or you’re over 90 years of age!!

Replace your current salary:

Please take a moment to consider one point I just made above, it’s this one and it’s very important…..

……even if all you ever earned each month from this business was the same as your current income, you could choose not to go to out to work each day and instead enjoy all of the benefits I mentioned above….no boss etc……

How does that sound, how utterly powerful is that, how completely life changing would that be for you?

Freedom at last!

Have you ever said to yourself, “I want to start a business but have no money”?

Well this is absolutely the next best thing because you really can build this business with virtually no money at all and you can honestly try it out and start it for absolutely free…….guaranteed!

But how and where do you get all this I hear you ask? Wait no longer because it’s all….


However, if you’d like to take a more in depth look at the business first, you’re very welcome to and it’s….


Or, if you’d like to check out some success stories from over the years, here are some for you….$1400royaltycommissions$14,000in3months$50kpa$4,000injuly18,000-USD-In-One-Week


Some personal guarantees…

I would like to keep your mind at rest and personally guarantee a few things for you.

Firstly, not only is it free to take a look at the business but secondly, it’s absolutely free to actually start it.

Think about that for a moment, it’s actually free to start this business!

Thirdly, and probably most important for a lot of people, there is absolutely no commitment on your part.

Stop whenever you wish, click away whenever you like, leave the site whenever you want to, there’s no hard feelings.

You are totally in charge here.

Join me.

On the next page you’ll find a summary of the reasons why I truly believe Wealthy Affiliate is the very best way to help you build an extra income for life and secure your long term future.

So, come and join me…it’ll be amongst the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Thank you!

Thanks for taking the time to read through this page, I really do appreciate it.

I hope you have found it informative and beneficial and if I can be of any further help to you or you’d just like to air your thoughts about this site and its contents, please feel free to drop me a comment below and I’ll reply as soon as I can.


Founder of Extra Income For Life

14 thoughts on “Get Started”

  1. Wealthy affiliate seems like a very interesting tool to starting an online business. I have always been afraid to start one with all the online scams out there. I like how active the members seem to be. based on your review, it seems wealthy affiliate is more about teaching its members how to build an online business rather than promising quick money. I am def interested in learning more. thanks!

  2. Hi there, I like the sound of the opportunity that you have presented here but was wondering if you could answer a slight concern that I have with this sort of thing. You say that this course is free to start but I have been conned in the past with online money making scams. Is the course that you are talking about really free? How do I know that this isn’t just another scam?

  3. Working from home always brings the benefits of one having to determine how one control and lives his/her life in any given way one pleases.

    Making money online is a favorable business and can be easy to achieve with all of the necessary requirements needed and put in place. I will easily suggest the online business for anyone and everyone who is willing to be financially free. Thanks Mark for your review

  4. Hi Mark,

    I have been really looking for a program that allows me to start an online business. Let me rephrase, a real and legitimate online business.

    Online business has enormous opportunities to make a lucrative income. I knew about the earning potential on the internet and I started blogging since a year ago.

    I have been trying extremely hard to boost my traffic to my site and I am terribly frustrated. I have been reading a lot of tricks and tips to gain traffic but there are mixed information here and there.

    I would like to know whether Wealthy Affiliate does offer some lessons on that? It would be a great help if I can access to this information.

  5. Hi Mark,

    You’ve certainly made giving WA a try rather irresistible! Very enticing writing style and really draws the reader in!

    The idea of not having a boss to answer to and working on my own terms is hugely appealing and what many, if not all of us want!

    The way you detail that WA can be set up on any existing PC or laptop then maintained on a tablet or phone brings clear realization of how adaptable it is to peoples life and that there is huge potential to access people because of the sheer volume of people that are out there on the web!

    Nice work! :0)

    • Hi there Nat and thank you for your kind words.

      I certainly tried my best at explaining things in a clear manner and if you felt that’s how it came accross then I’m very happy!!

      Hope you try it out for yourself and find that working online is for you…any help I can be let me know!!

      Thanks again


  6. Well your title of ‘getting started’ had me really intrigued and I’m glad I read further – these opportunities sound pretty cool.
    I’ve been struggling along with my blog for about a year and I really need some sort of direction/help.
    This WA course that you’ve covered here – will they be able to help me out for free?

    • Hello Chris and thanks for coming by the site.

      Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with your blog and sure, you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free with no obligation to upgrade to a paid membership.

      Whilst you’re there as a free member you can take the first training course, first phase of the Affiliate Boot Camp course plus a couple of other classrooms, you get 2 free and hosted websites, membership of the affiliate programme so you can even earn commissions without laying out a penny, 30 free keyword searches and 7 days as part of the community to ask questions to any queries you may have.

      So, all in all, I think you’d get an awful lot of help and education for free and who knows, once you’ve had a taste for it you might even be tempted to upgrade for all the extras that are included with Premium Membership.

      Hope that answers your question Chris, please feel free to come by again if there’s anything else you’d like to know and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



  7. Hello Mark Nice overview of getting started… ha ha yes just imagine making the same money as you do now -without going to work. A powerful image for people to grasp, buts what’s even better is it doesn’t stop when you finish your work.

    I especially like the two thousand million which really puts the ‘billion’ thing into perspective. Gives you an idea as to the potential audience and the vastness of scope that is open to anyone wanting to work online.

    Best of all you are promoting Wealthy Affiliate which is an excellent program for anyone wanting to learn how to build a long term sustainable online business. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks for dropping by the site and leaving your kind comments.

      I really do think that a lot of people struggle to comprehend the idea of becoming RICH by working online, as if it’s an unattainable situation for them and only available for the very few and because of that, maybe it’s dismissed as unfeasible.

      But, on the other hand, if people can see what they could do in life if all they ever did was just REPLACE their current income, then that would surely be seen to be much more attainable and encourage more to make a change.

      Yes, two thousand million……that’s an awful lot people!

      Cheers Peter, feel free to drop by any time.


  8. Hi Mark,

    Really nice take on explaining the benefits that you offer from your website. Being your own boss and having the ability to come and go as you please and make time for the family is great. Love the concept you offer the ability to work from anywhere, which is far greater than what I am presently doing.

    I checked out your links to see what it was that you where offering to have this lifestyle and I see you are offering Wealthy Affiliate. I have been finding out that this is one of the worlds best programs out there for anybody wanting to learn and become successful with an online business.

    You definitely have an opportunity worth checking into.

    • Hello there Travis and thanks for your kind comments.

      You’re right, Wealthy Affiliate is my vehicle of choice and not for no reason.

      The amount of training, guidance and support I have received at Wealthy Affiliate is truly outstanding.

      I had never expected to get so much help in getting a site built and online but it is so exceptional, I could harp on about it for ages!

      Seriously though, anybody who is considering getting an online business going from scratch could do no better than to step into Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks again Travis, appreciate your thoughts here.

  9. Hey mark, like your website design its simple yet very presentable. You have a good introduction in your article which makes the reader want to read more which is the essence of our work.

    Ohh forgot to mention how you have an attractive wwebsite title. Its some that can draw out the public since its really what everyone i looking for

    • Hi Hamilton

      Glad you like my website title, extra income for life, who wouldn’t want that?

      More money than they are getting now, until the day they keel over! Would you turn that down? I wouldn’t!

      I’m pleased you like the way my writing works, it was always intended that way so I’m glad it seems to have paid off.

      Thanks again Hamilton



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