The Alternative

Another Option:

If none of the previous options look attractive but you still think that having your own business and the ability to earn extra money would make a difference to your life then what else can you do?

  • Maybe you don’t have tens or hundreds of thousands to start up a shop, a well known franchise or indeed an unknown franchise operation.
  • Perhaps you don’t want all the headaches and costs that comes with taking on employees.
  • Possibly you even need to stay at your current job for security and to keep paying your bills whilst trying to do something else to bring in some extra income.
  • Or maybe you are fed up or even hate your job and would like to replace the income that comes with it as soon as possible.

The 40 or 50 year grind:

These are all valid points for a huge number of people all around the world.

But, short of just putting up with your situation and carrying on with the 40 or 50 year grind, is there really any other sort of alternative?

Steve knew one back in 2015!

And in 2017!

And still does in 2019!

So, how about taking a look at something that……….

  1. You can start in your spare time so you have no worries about the jeopardy of giving up your job.
  2. Lets you dip your toe into without parting with a single penny or even getting your card out of your purse or wallet (absolutely guaranteed).
  3. You can do from the comfort of your own home so no incredibly costly premises needed.
  4. You can do for and by yourself so no need to take on costly and troublesome staff issues.
  5. Allows you to take your time at but progress at whatever pace you are able or want to.
  6. Enables you to build the income level up to  match and then overtake  your current wage  or salary, all  whilst keeping your current job and, therefore, you and your family’s security.
  7. If you really want, enables you to scale up using leverage techniques to build whatever level of income you want with, truly, no ceiling. (No income disparity here between men and women).
  8. You can start small with and then build into a fully fledged, extra income producing business that need only take up a few hours of your day to keep growing.

A viable alternative?

Does the sound of the above make you feel like there may be a viable alternative for you after all?

Does this seem like something you think could be the answer to your situation?

But maybe you’re concerned you would lack the skills, knowledge, training or support to make a success of?

Well, I’m here to tell you right now that you can have all of the above and you can get all the training, knowledge and support you need to start and build a business of your own and completely turn your situation around.


Then….please take a look here.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this page.

If I can be of help to you please feel free to drop me a comment below and I’ll reply as soon as I can.


Founder of Extra Income For Life

20 thoughts on “The Alternative”

  1. The ideals of working until retirement at the age of 63 indeed is a risky venture, I feel like I would watch my whole life pass me by, and by the time it’s time to hang up my work boots, I’ll already be so old that I will have lost the ability to have fun due to busting my body working for someone else and making them rich. Heck, I don’t even know If I’ll live to be 63.

  2. Great article,

    I love this article, While I was reading your post I realized how amazing and big the possibilities of building an online business are and making good money.

    But I really wonder is there any other industry with such a huge amount of great flexibility. Everyone who have enough persistence and patience to make it online.

    Thanks for showing everyone this post.

  3. Hey Mark, I just read what you have to say about getting into business. I am one of those who did the 40 year thing. Along the way I tried a few things to get out of the ‘rat race’ but they were just the old time MLM or get rich rich fast stuff.
    I am a little skeptical about your link. I have never seen anything that cost nothing. Can you honestly tell me your thing is one of them? Robert

  4. For some people, there is something to be said for having a normal job. Many people need someone else to give them instructions and motivate them. They also need the structure of a normal job, with standard hours, a job title and routine tasks that are expected of them. For many people, even though a lot of them might be in jobs they don’t like, it is a better option than starting their own business.

    For others, having their own business is ideal, because they can build a business around something that genuinely interests them. They can set their own hours and work according to their own rules. It takes discipline, though, and hard work. I definitely think it is worthwhile in the long run, though.

  5. While reading your post I realized once again how amazing the possibilities of building an online business are!

    I really wonder if there is any other industry with such a huge amount of advantages and great flexibilities. Everyone who brings in enough persistence and patience can make it online.

    Thanks for showing a very valuable source for learning the legit way of online ventures:)

    • Hi Vera and you’re very welcome!

      In a nutshell, there’s HUGE opportunity with working online and basically, the only losers are the quitters…so, keep at it and you’ll soon achieve your goals.


  6. Earning an extra income for life sure does sound very appealing to me 🙂

    You know me too well lol! I don’t have a lot of money, I want to avoid the headaches and I hate my job too…

    But I like the sound of the alternative solution you have provided on making money, and I will definitely check out your link.

    Thanks very much, Mark!


    • Hello Neil and thanks for visiting the site,

      An alternative to the 40/50 year plan has to be favourable to many people once they realise exactly what they are signed up for…….years and years of drudgery and mostly just getting by.

      There’s got to be a better way and this is what I am trying to introduce to people everywhere.

      Check it out by all means Neil, any questions you have just get back to me any time and I’ll be happy to help out.


  7. Hi Mark, I like your post. it is true and it is good to provide information to people about erning while you are still learning or working. Great way to start, less risk and less stress. Thanks. Maria

    • Hello Maria and thanks for dropping by my site.
      I agree with you, earning while you learn and still working is great for all alike and it relieves the pressure of having to make money straight away to try to replace a wage or salary.
      Thanks Maria

  8. Hi, Mark, very nice and simple site. I agree with what you said in this post. Many people are wanting to change their life but are worried about security, so your advice to take time to make change – to take an opportunity to learn and earn money from home while still working is a safer choice. Maria

    • Thanks Maria, I decided I would go for simple and straight forward so that people with very little or no experience of building a website could see that hey don’t have to have a complicated looking site to get online and get their message across.

      You’re right, change is a necessity for many people but losing the security of a job in order to look for the change is not a good idea so being able to start an online business with hardly any cost involved is an excellent option.

      Thanks Maria


  9. Hey Mark,
    You have a very good point, we can all use a little extra income.
    That’s a lot of information. I really liked the way you laid it out. It made me think! I especially like the idea of being able to start a business in my spare time and still keep my safe job for the time being. I’m curios, what kind of support do you get at Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Hi there Chris

      Thanks for the positive comments, I try to give as much information as I can without going into overload!

      It’s difficult and sometimes I have to hold back in case it’s just a bit too much…hahaha!

      Yes, it’s great to be able to start a business part time and from home, so there’s no risk to your current status and about the support, it is second to none at Wealthy Affiliate.

      There are thousands of Wealthy Affiliate members all over the world online at any one time within the community and they’re all committed to one another’s success and achievements. Undoubtedly, without this support alongside the fantastic training videos, I would not have been able to build this site and learn so much in such a short time. I can’t praise it highly enough!

      Thanks for dropping by Chris, come by again any time.


  10. Ah – I vote for “The Alternative”!

    I’m one that likes to work for myself, not being tied to a company who’s main interest is their bottom line, not mine. … and I have to think of my future as well, since I am in my 60’s (wow – that happened fast!)

    It takes a little time to get a “handle” on it, but it most certainly can be done – and done successfully!
    Working for yourself is awesome!

    I followed a couple of your links and I see you are part of Wealthy Affiliate … so am I !!! That’s great to see.
    I searched a really long time to find someplace like WA – you don’t need anything else to get going and the training and community are superb!

    Take care – Joanne

    • Hello Joanne,

      Thanks for coming by my site and leaving your comments.

      Yes, the alternative to the 40/50 year grind that most people face in their lifetimes is certainly an attractive one and getting on board with Wealthy Affiliate makes it all the easier.

      I too took a long time to find WA but now that I have, I wouldn’t be anywhere else.

      Thanks again Joanne


  11. Yep, everyone I know is on the 40 year plan. Unfortunately there is not much light at the end of that tunnel. The American dream has definitely become the never ending race. I love your alternative, a solution that anyone can be a part of and more importantly, anyone can be successful with. Great post!

    • Hi there Kellie,
      You are so right, so many people all over the western world on their own road along wage slavery and towards penury in retirement which in itself is getting further away for everybody!
      If only more actually knew there is a simple, viable alternative…..just got to get the message out to enough of them now.
      Thanks for your comments Kellie, much appreciated, and good luck with your own efforts in escaping the rat race…..get your friends on board and help them too!

  12. Hello Sherma and thanks for taking the time to drop by and leaving me your kind comments.
    Glad to hear you will be taking the alternative to having to deal with those staff issues……paddle your own canoe!
    Thanks again

  13. Hi Mark, first off I’d like to say a great site. Clear and straight to the point. I myself have been through the process of dealing with staff issues so for me as there is another way that’s the way I will take.


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