Wealthy Affiliate ~ An Insider’s Take

Wealthy Affiliate Review – An Insider’s Take

Wealthy Affiliate, some basics first:


Wealthy Affiliate



Starter Membership is FREE, $0 (No payment details needed).

Premium Membership is $49 every 30 days.

Annual Premium Membership is $359.


Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim

Who’s It For:

Everyone from online novices to seasoned experts.


Hi there and thanks for dropping by.

My name is Mark and this is my review of Wealthy Affiliate but firstly I’d like to declare an interest here because I am a current Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate.

I imagine at this point you’d think I would be biased towards Wealthy Affiliate (WA from here onwards for simplicity’s sake!) but please believe me when I say that I will try to be as objective as I possibly can in my assessment which I’m confident will give you a real insight into what WA can offer you.

Also, you won’t find any fake photo shopped images of people making overnight fortunes or anything else here. It will be pure, clean and educational information which will hopefully allow you to make a properly informed decision about how WA could help you if you wish to build a business or make an extra income online.

Because of this I’d like to invite you to leave me a comment at the end of this review to see how you think I’ve done here, whether you think the review has been as objective as I planned it to be and whether it has helped you to think about joining WA or not. I’ve developed a thick skin so if you have any criticisms (hopefully constructive ones) I’ll gladly take them on board. Ask any question you like as well and I’ll be happy to answer them just as soon as I can.

Thanks again and here we go!

Firstly, what is Wealthy Affiliate?

WA is an Online Training, Support and Educational Platform that allows people from all walks of life, with differing levels of internet knowledge (complete newcomers especially) and from all over the world, the chance to learn how to properly create their own website and build an online business absolutely from scratch.

It is a Community of thousands and thousands of members from all around the word whose byword is “support”. The Community itself comprises of people with all levels of online experience from complete novices to experts in their own particular field of online marketing all of whom are committed to helping others in the community with their quest to build their own business. The joint co-founders and owners, Kyle and Carson, are also very active within the community, reaching out to help people on a daily basis with whatever they need to drive their businesses forward.

OK, so what isn’t Wealthy Affiliate then?

WA is not another one of those Get Rich Quick Schemes, MLM/Network Marketing Schemes, One Click To Overnight Riches Schemes or any of the many other over-hyped so called “Opportunities” that have been flying around the online and offline world for what seems like forever.

No….it is none of that so if that’s what you’re looking for you won’t find it at WA.

So what is about Wealthy Affiliate that attracts Hundreds of Thousands of Members?

As you are actually reading this review, the chances are that you may be interested in learning how to build a business (possibly using your own interests or hobbies as a basis), or trying to find out how you can make some extra income online.

Let’s have a look at some pros and cons at WA.

PROs :-

  1. Getting Started Training ~ Walks you through step by step with both written and video content.
  2. 100,000’s of HELPFUL community members ~ All committed to helping you build your business.
  3. Video training, Tutorial training, Classroom training and Courses ~ Too many to detail here!
  4. Live & Interactive Help ~ 24/7 Chatroom where members are helping others online regardless of the time.
  5. Two Free, Beautifully Designed Websites ~ Both hosted FREE as a Starter Member.
  6. State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting ~ Minimal Downtime, Maximum Security and Fast Loading Sites.
  7. Access to Industry Experts & Millionaires ~ This could cost thousands of $’ss elsewhere!
  8. A strictly spam free environment ~ No cross selling, no recruiting, no spamming – full stop!
  9. No Upsells ~ When you become a Premium Member, that’s it, there are no other annoying Upsells!
  10. Completely FREE to Get Started ~ With NO Catches!

This last point is hugely beneficial for many people because you can literally have all of the above, create a website, have it hosted and online in no time and be making an extra income from it without spending a single cent or penny with………….no card details, no bank details, nothing!

CONs :-

  1. The Community aspect can become so addictive that  sometimes it can be difficult to concentrate on why you are actually at WA, ie to build your own fully hosted site.
  2. There is so much training and so many subjects that WA covers that it can be easy to experience overwhelm, however, members are encouraged not to skip any modules and to continue in a way that covers each step logically and methodically, one by one.

Who is it for?

WA accommodates all levels of entrepreneurs and business builders from complete novices through to seasoned marketers who want to elevate their businesses to the maximum.

Whether you want to build your very first site or you’re already an experienced marketer with several sites, WA’s training and community will help you to achieve whatever level of success you are looking for.

In a nutshell, WA is for everyone and it can be accessed on all of your devices from desktop, laptop and tablet and even from your smart mobile/cell phone. As long as you can get online, anywhere in the world, you can access the WA site and be receiving training, getting support or just updating and maintaining your business as you go!



The Training within WA is completely comprehensive and serves all levels of marketer right from the absolute beginner with the Getting Started Course (which itself has several levels), an Affiliate Boot Camp Course (again with many levels) and right through to youtube marketing, social media marketing, video marketing and many others.

This comes in the form of:-

  1. Getting Started Training with step by step walk through videos by industry experts.
  2. Live Weekly Training Classes again by industry experts with Q and A sessions.
  3. Organised Classrooms on specific topics.
  4. Interactive Discussions with a live chat room feature 24 hours a day, worldwide.
  5. Video Training, Tutorial Training and Task Based Courses etc., etc.
  6. There are over 1,000 training modules within WA on every topic you could wish for, each one of which could be the basis for building a successful business and generating an extra income online.


WA also comes with an extremely effective suite of tools to help you build your business including:

  1. Keyword & Competition Research Tool.
  2. SiteRubix site builder Tool.
  3. Low Competition, Cherry Picked Keyword Lists.
  4. State of the Art, Cloud Based Hosting.
  5. Access to thousands of website templates and themes.
  6. Ability to add many thousands of different “features” (plugins) to your website and more….

Once you become a member of WA, everything is included to build your business from the foundations right to the top of your very own “skyscraper” of a business. It’s all included with no need to look elsewhere for anything.

It is the only fully “all inclusive” online business building platform available anywhere online.

The Community.

If you’ve been looking around online for a while and wondered where to get proper help and support from real people dedicated to assisting you, have you ever found it? Chances are you’ve been on to a search engine and taken pot luck with whatever you can find but this where WA really scores.

The community consists of many thousands of like minded people from around the world and thousands will be active in there at any one time, chatting, lending a hand, asking and answering questions, supporting others, laughing and joking and just generally being there for each other, regardless of where they are and what time it is. If it’s night time somewhere, it’s day time somewhere else  and there’s always  somebody there to help just a click away.

This is the kind of support that many crave and actually need when trying to build a business online, but it’s only at WA that you’ll find it and it’s all included with your membership.

You can also contact the owners Kyle and Carson too, they are online most every day and will help you whenever they can and anything they don’t know is not worth knowing! I recently asked a question in the community and Kyle answered it personally within a few minutes……..this sort of service is priceless!

What Happens When You Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, you’ll get a warm welcome from the owners and many other members and be invited to start your online business building journey. As a Starter member, you get to be able to build and host 2 Free websites at WA and you’ll be asked to choose a subject matter for your sites. You can either choose to create a site around your hobby or passion (the Getting Started Course walks you through this step by step) or if you’re not sure, you can build a site around a pre-defined topic that WA already has ready or you.

If you choose that, there is a step by step Boot Camp Course (Part 1 included for Starter Members) that will walk you through the required steps to get you to the point of having your site built, live on the web and ready to build your business and to earn some extra income online. Of course, with 2 Free and Hosted sites you could have one for your passion and one for WA’s chosen subject…it’s entirely up to you.

Your online business starts with a “niche” (this is the subject matter you choose to build your site about), the website you create around it, the many ways you can build into the site to start making you an extra income and then on to building an expanding online business and an ever growing income.


Incredibly, the Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate is completely FREE.

That’s right, no credit card, no debit card and no bank details are required to get you started at WA and what’s more there is absolutely no commitment to upgrade to Premier Membership unless YOU want to.

Kyle and Carson have designed it this way so that absolutely EVERYBODY can get into WA and gain access to the 2 free websites, hosting, tools and the community so that everyone can see what WA really has to offer for anybody looking to start and build an online business and income.

The Premium Membership is just $49 every 30 days or only $359 annually (that’s a huge $229 off)!

The Premium Membership package is all you’ll ever need to create and grow as big an online business as you want. Kyle and Carson have created a platform that completely does away with the need to go anywhere else for any of the tools, training, hosting etc., spending fruitless hours searching online for help and, crucially, the support you need to make your way through the online jungle.

You will never have to buy another Ebook, another expensive “training” course or get taking in by the latest “shiny object” that becomes available with depressing frequency and only serves to line the pockets of the many sharks infesting the net when you are a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate!

Join Wealthy Affiliate and you will NEVER be scammed again!


WA offers you a special introductory bonus as well, all you need do is join for FREE with a Starter Membership and if you decide (remember, this is totally your decision) to upgrade to Premium within 7 days, you can do so for just $19 meaning you get your first full month’s Premium Membership at a fantastic 62% discount.

To Sum Up:

I’ve tried to give a thorough run down on Wealthy Affiliate including what it is, what it isn’t, what you get for your money, why the owners put it all together, what it can do for you, what you can do with it etc. and after all that, I’m confident you’ll understand why I truly believe that there is no other place on the net to be, so, my verdict is…………

Wealthy Affiliate is Completely Legitimate!


What To Do Next.

I’d love you to leave me a comment, message or a question below. I promise that I read every one and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

And then, come and join me at Wealthy Affiliate.

Remember, no need to get your card out as you don’t need it to get a feel of what WA is and what we can do for you. We are a welcoming bunch and we’ll help you to finally get your online business up and running, there’s nothing stopping you!

Thanks for taking the time and trouble to read all of this Wealthy Affiliate Review, here are the thoughts of some others, just like you, who have already joined up either as a Starter or a Premium Member if you’d like to read them too.

Remember, please drop me a comment below and I’ll post a reply as soon as possible.

Good look with your online adventures.


Owner of Extra Income For Life

37 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate ~ An Insider’s Take”

  1. Hi Mark, thank you for this excellent and informative review of the wealthy affiliate platform. I myself have found massive success here. I believe that Wealthy Affiliate truly is the only place to learn all of the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. There is a lot to love here

  2. This is one of the best reviews about Wealthy Affiliate that I have seen.
    I too have joined Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member and have never regretted it.
    You can join for free and never spend any money but for me, I joined and became premium within a week.
    There is just too much here to not take advantage of. I’ve been taught so much and will never stop learning from the experts in the community.
    Are you passionate about something in your life? Can you follow training? Are you willing to work for whatever you want? Then follow the advice of this review and join Wealthy Affiliate now. But only do it for yourself.

  3. Hello your review of wealthy affiliate is great, your review is well detailed and I am sure that your readers will learn a whole lot of what you are offering. I believe that wealthy affiliate has the best online business modle That ensures that everyone who is the part the community experience not just success but good success. The tools that we are working with is top of the line Thanks again for sharing, all the best to you and have a good day.

  4. Hi Mark,

    I agree with you. I just signed up on July 29 and the Wealthy Affiliate University, and I upgraded immediately to the Premium version because for the first time in my life, I found an honest site with their owners very active helping people.

    Congratulations for your review

  5. Hello, Mark!!

    Very awesome article! I much liked your approach. For any of you who are out there wondering if this website is legit or not, I knew nothing of website or blog design. I now own and operate two functioning websites, all because of Wealthy Affiliate. Great stuff there! Definitely worth trying out, especially since it’s free!

    -Heather M.

  6. Nice to hear from an insider how the program works! Sounds great, and has lots of helpful tools and training. What do you think truly helps a person become successful online through a program like this?

    I think it sounds like if you do the work you’ll see return, and that’s really what people should expect and want – not something that is so easy anyone can do it.

    Thanks for the review!

  7. When I have told people about Wealthy Affiliate, some of them have said that it sounds like a pyramid scheme. I have explained to them that it is not, and there is a big reason why it isn’t. It is because there is real value at WA. You don’t have to promote WA to earn money. That is not the only route. You can earn money with your own niche totally unconnected to WA, and WA has a really good course, so there is great value to Wealthy Affiliate, especially when you consider the supportive community and the tools. Compare that to a true pyramid scheme which has no actual value and the only way to earn money is to refer other people. Also, with pyramid schemes, people earn money from their referrals. That is not the case at WA. You just earn money from your referrals, not any of you referrals, so you don’t get a situation where the only people making money are those who joined near the start. How many times have I just said “referrals”? Seven, if you include that last mention of “referrals”. Oops, now it’s eight.

  8. Thanks for sharing your review.

    Being a premium member myself I can really relate to a lot of what you say in your review. I only signed up about a month ago mind you, and I must say it’s been an tremendous journey for me so far.

    I feel that I am learning something new each day and I guess that’s why the training is paced so well, so that you don’t feel too overwhelmed with all the new information and skills being taught.

    I’m glad you’ve given a lot of thought to adding information about the community here. Until you actually join WA it’s difficult to imagine a community quite like it! I must say, it’s as if WA has it’s own social media community consisting of close to a million members, who amazingly have so much to share!

    Thanks for sharing such a detailed and interesting review!



  9. Hi Mark,

    I have been searching for some ways to make money online. I try to do some freelancing, but somehow it is not really suit my way of making money.

    Your review about Wealthy Affiliate here seems interesting. So it is really free at first, right? What can I do to make money here at Wealthy Affiliate?


  10. Hey, this was a well written post.

    There are a number of reasons why this review is better than most reviews that I come across online.

    The first is that you are coming from a position of integrity. Your decision to let people know your involvement in our great community, positions you as someone who isn’t just trying to sneakily persuade people to join without letting them know that you have an interest in the community.

    Your review is very thorough and in addition to telling people about the community , you go one step further and tell them what they can expect once they make the decision to join.

    This was a well-structured review.

    Good stuff.

  11. Hi there Mark,

    I have been a WA member for almost 2 years now and I have to agree with what you say. I started from zero experience (and zero budget) and gradually work my way up learning about website building and keyword research.

    The one week trial with access to premium features showed me something that other training platform will not tell you. Setting up a website is easy, but building an online business will require commitment and hard work.

    That’s when I know that the training is for real. Just like any skills out there, you must first learn before you can be a master.

    • How right you are Cathy and thanks for underlining that, though simple, it can be very hard work but as long as people take the time to submit themselves to appropriate training and learn new skills, they can do it.

      I see you’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for two years, that tells me you’re in it for the long term and not expecting it to be a get rich quick scheme. So many people join up to a scheme thinking they are going to be rich overnight when the reality is it doesn’t work like that.

      Can anybody win the marathon without taking the first step and committing to a long hard slog before they cross the winning line? No, of course they can’t so why should online marketing be any different?

      The answer is, it’s not! It takes time, training, commitment and support to get across that line and nobody should think otherwise.

      Great words Cathy, thanks for coming by!!


  12. Hello Mark,

    A great post from you. I really like it. You have done a very thorough review on Wealthy Affiliate here. You described all the important aspects of the program, good job and honest review. You really break down and explain in full detail of exactly what wealthy affiliate has to offer going into detail about the starter pack and then all of the benefits of going premium.

    WA looks like the exact opposite of online scams. My question is with the free membership, how much access do I get for WA before I decide to go for premium membership? Is free membership enough to get me going?

    • Hi Alex

      The initial FREE membership is certainly enough to get you going….in fact you can even get to the stage where you can earn money without spending a single cent!

      With the free membership you get to build 2 websites and have them hosted without any charge and you also have access to our initial training modules. After that, Premium Membership unlocks EVERYTHING else with no upsells either during (very annoying when you get that) or after upgrading.

      You do have the option of becoming an Annual Member at a reduced overall cost but there’s no pressure to do so and not doing it doesn’t mean you lose access to anything at Wealthy Affiliate, it simply offers you the opportunity to pay once at a reduced price and have access to everything for a whole 365/366 days. The savings are so significant that becoming an Annual Member is a no brainer for those that have the money to do so.

      Thanks for dropping by Alex, come back again soon.


  13. Nice twist on things.

    I do the work at home/affiliate style website too, however I never thought of wording it, “An insider’s take.” That is fricken cool, kinda like spy status.

    Or like you have infiltrated the system to let people know what it REALLY is like.

    What other “theme” type twists could we come up with? Let’s brainstorm.

    Market Merchant (MM+)

    • Cheers Zach

      I’d be happy to brainstorm with you, but be warned, my brain is fried a lot of the time so I may not be able to keep up with you!!


  14. Hey there,

    I stumbled upon your site, which is amazing I must say! Such useful and quality content.

    Very well written and easy to understand, especially for beginners.

    I will definitely visit your site in the future, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us and good luck.

    Kind regards


    • Hello Chris and thanks for stopping by my site.

      I’m glad you found it useful and well written because that’s the way I set out for it to be, especially for people who may not be up on internet marketing.

      Thanks again Chris, you’re very welcome to come by any time.


  15. Hi there Mark

    Well, I have to say you’ve certainly laid out exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is, and what it isn’t and to be honest it sounds great.

    I’ve been looking for an unbiased review as I’ve run into Wealthy Affiliate a few times in the past year but not really looked into it.

    I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to building websites.

    I’m not interested in making a bit of money on the internet, I’m looking to build a real, solid, long term business.

    In your honest opinion, can Wealthy Affiliate help me do this?

    Also, mention building a site around a passion or an interest, is that essential? How would I monetize such as website?

    Finally, (and then I’ll leave you alone I promise) I have a lot of experience with personal debt, or rather getting out of it.

    Could I utilize this knowledge to build a site around? I think I could genuinely help a lot of people?

    Thanks for your time.

    • Hi there Lee, great to hear from you and thanks for dropping by.

      You make some good points and ask some excellent questions so here goes 🙂

      Your experience of building websites can give you a head start but with Wealthy Affiliate we are taught correctly how to build a site and to monetise it so it all depends on exactly what you’ve done in the past. Certainly the solid foundations that are needed for a long term business are taught at WA so it seems like that’s what you’re looking for, if so, WA would definitely help you.

      I’d say it’s not a necessity to build a business around an interest, after all if nobody else is interested in it you’ll never have any customers. It can be beneficial if your interest is in one of those niches where there are plenty of hungry customers willing to buy what you’re selling because you’ll never get bored with what you’re doing so it’s better policy to build a business where these customers are buyers.

      As for debt, it really depends on where you are because different countries will have different laws when it comes to having a business dealing with financial matters.

      In the UK for example, you have to have a consumer credit licence to trade in the debt business…to do so without one could lead to criminal charges…….not to be recommended!

      I worked for 15 years in that industry and had a licence for the duration but I have left it with plenty of knowledge but with an expired licence (my choice as I moved to a different part of the country after quitting the business) and could build a site and refer clients but can’t because I choose not to become accredited again.

      I’m sure with your experience you could theoretically help a lot of people, possibly by being able to empathise with their situation, but you would need to do a great deal of research and diligence before you attempted to build a business around it because of the perils of trading without being licenced or accredited.

      Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comments Lee, good luck with your plans and let me know how you’re going.


  16. I think the best type of review is from the perspective of one who’s actually tried the program because all the information in this case is based on the real life experience and I think you really have something to tell about Wealthy Affiliate. The best part of your review is that it explains the true nature of this program and the truth is that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme or whatever else of this kind. It gives you a practical knowledge on how to build a real business online that will replace your regular income over time and I think it’s well worth the time you put in it.

    • Hi Rufat and thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment.

      I’m pleased you see that my review comes from a viewpoint of experience even though I did try to be as balanced and objective as possible.

      You’re completely correct when you say that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme and that it’s a platform for knowledge and support for people who want to learn how to build a long term business online.

      Thanks again for taking a look at my site Rufat, it’s much appreciated and it’d be great to see you back again soon.


  17. Really enjoyed reading your Wealthy Affiliate ~ An Insider’s Take article here. To tell you the truth I have been toying with the idea of signing up here but I’m a little afriad of the costs.
    Is it really a free community or will I need to pay something once I have signed up?

    • Hi there Chris and thanks for coming by the site.

      To become a part Wealthy Affiliate at the Starter Membership level costs absolutely no money, WA doesn’t even ask you for your card or bank details so it’s impossible for them to charge you anything!

      For the first 7 days you can ask any questions by getting involved with the community and you can build and have hosted 2 websites, again for free.

      Should you wish to continue with the live support of the community you would need to upgrade to Premium Membership but if you do that within 7 days of become a free Starter Member you can do so for a 59% discount and it will only cost $19 for the first 30 days.

      Upgrading to Premium unlocks all of the training, continued support, enhanced commissions as a WA affiliate and much more so should you wish to continue it would be $47 per month after the first 30 days at the $19 rate. There’s no contract and you can stop when you want so there’s no pressure to upgrade and no commitment to continue any longer than you wish. It really is an excellent deal!

      You could, however, remain a free member for as long as wish, keep the 2 free websites and even make money with the sites all without spending a single penny.

      Hope that helps Chris but please feel free to come back to me if you need any other assistance.

      Cheers Chris


  18. Thanks for getting back to me so promptly Mark! Really good to know. It sounds great – still feel a bit apprehensive getting started but I feel more secure knowing that there is nothing to lose!

    Thanks for answering all my questions! I will let you know how it goes!


  19. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for pointing me to this page from your Facebook page. I was interested to read about your recommendations of Wealthy Affiliate – it certainly sounds like a great online programme. As someone who has searched to find a way to make an income online and to move away from the 9-5, it’s certainly tempting to dive in. But it’s scary making choices like this one about online programmes. It is nice to hear that no credit card or purchase is necessary. What happens when I get in the door though – are there loads of upsells to get the information I need to be successful? Can I ask, you are a member – so what makes Wealthy Affiliate different from other programmes out there?

    • Hi there Sarah and thanks for coming by and leaving me your comment.
      When you become a free member at Wealthy Affiliate you can create, build and host 2 websites using our own website builder platform for absolutely no money at all and you can stay a free member for as long as you like and actually earn an income from your sites still without spending a single penny.
      I know what you mean about endless upsells elsewhere but the only decision you have to make is whether or not you wish to become a Premium Member and whether you prefer to pay monthly or annually for a big discount and that’s it.
      Everything you will ever need to build an online business is included in the cost of Premium Membership and there are no upsells from there.
      All this plus the help and support from the amazing community within Wealthy Affiliate is what sets us apart from any other place on the net.
      Thanks again Sarah

  20. Hello, Mark, thank you for such writing such a clear and objective review about Wealthy Affiliate. It is certainly very helpful for people to learn what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer to help them start an online business. Could you share with me how you first got to know about WA and what made you decide to join WA in the first place?
    What advice would you give someone who is thinking of joining but not sure if they should?
    Thank you. ~ Sue

    • Hello there Sue,
      Thanks for taking the time to have a look at my site and for leaving your kind comments.
      I had been looking at a way to start an online business for several years and unfortunately I took a few wrong turnings which didn’t work out at all.
      I was getting to the stage where I was subscribed to loads of mailing lists looking for the “one” thing that was going to change everything for me and I was getting bombarded with hundreds of emails a day offering me the latest this, that or something else.
      Enough of that, I decided one day to unsubscribe to everything and left it all alone for a couple of years.
      One day, whilst working online, I notice an ad for WA and decide to take a look. At this point I had been working for nearly 40 years but hadn’t built up a pension so I knew I really had to do something.
      This time, I took a proper look at what was on offer with the benefit of the hindsight I had built up previously and decided it was the real deal. So I jumped in, I’ve built my first ever website (this one of course LOLs), learned more than I ever thought possible in such a short time and intend to stay on board for the long run.
      I can honestly say it’s the best decision I’ve taken online and I would thoroughly recommend anybody who is genuinely looking to make an extra income for life, ie an annuity or pension type income, to take a close look at Wealthy Affiliate.
      I’d advise any one who is unsure about it to take a look as a FREE Starter Member. You don’t have to give any bank or card details, you can come inside and explore the site and see if it’s for you.
      If not, there’s no commitment to stay and you haven’t spent a single penny to take a close look, just close your browser and there’s no hard feelings. What could be fairer than that?
      Thanks again for dropping by Sue, be sure to come back soon.

      • Hello, Mark, thank you so much for your reply and sharing about your personal experiences. Everyone has their own story and struggles even but it’s good that whatever might have happened in the past, they taught us some lessons and we can learn from one another’s experiences in life.
        You have done a good job building this website so that does speak very well of the training at Wealthy Affiliate and your determination and hard work as well.
        I will be sure to drop in again to learn more!
        Wishing you the very best. ~ Sue

        • Hello again Sue,
          You’re right, the best way to keep moving on in life is to learn from past experiences and to put them to good use as we go forward.
          Thanks for your kind comments about the site, frankly I could only have put it together with the help I have had from both the training that WA gives all it’s members and the excellent support from the wonderful people in the WA community….without either of them the site wouldn’t be online!
          Please do make sure you drop by again, you’re always welcome.
          Best wishes

  21. Weldone. I think you did an excellent job on the review of Wealthy Affiliate. You were unbiased; you tried to balance issues.
    Candidly Wealthy Affiliate is the best Internet Marketing School available on the web. They give you a solid foundation on how to succeed in online business. And the good side to it is that you can even start their training without paying a dime. No other program does this. WA is the undisputable number 1.

    • Hello Sam

      Thanks for visiting my site and I totally agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate.
      Thanks also for your kind words, they are much appreciated.

      There simply is no other place on the web that gives you everything you need to build and host a website and even start to make money from it absolutely free of charge.

      That along with the comprehensive training and fabulous community support makes it a unique programme and one which I fully endorse.

      Thanks also for letting me know you thought the review was unbiased, that was certainly my intention and I’m glad it showed through.

      Cheers Sam


  22. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for pointing out the Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s just like anything else. You have to put in hard work to see the results your want. You nailed it on the head about the training, it can be a little overwelming. What I found is that you have to go through it twice to get a good grasp on it.

    • Definitely not a get rich quick scheme Monkey Man, in fact, it’s not a scheme of any type at all!

      Like I said, a training and support programme suitable for even the complete novice….there simply is no other place to go for everything you need to build a site, get it ranked in the search engines and earning money from absolute scratch and with no previous site building or marketing skills.

      Going through the training twice can be beneficial as you said because sometimes it can be a little overwhelming but the thing is, it’s not a race, everybody can do it all at their own pace and help is always available regardless of the time of day.

      If it’s night where you are, it’s daytime somewhere else and there’s always somebody in the community online just ready to help out anybody who needs it.

      Thanks for dropping by



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